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The globalization of the fasteners business

Issuing time:2019-01-30 00:00

Fasteners are the most widely used mechanical basic parts in various sectors of the national economy, known as "industrial rice". In the past 30 years, with the rapid development of metallurgical industry, machinery industry and electronic industry, the upgrading of fastener products and the continuous progress of fastener industry in the world have been promoted. Since the beginning of the 21st century, China's major transcentury

projects, such as West-to-East Gas Transmission, South-to-North Water Transfer, High-speed Railway and West-to-East Electricity Transmission, have been fully launched.

Domestic automobile, machinery, household appliances, shipbuilding and transportation industries have continued to grow. Strong demand for production and construction will drive the rapid growth of fastener industry. In addition, due to the sustained development of our economy and the advantages of good manufacturing foundation, low labor costs and continuous improvement of production efficiency, China is expected to become the best region to undertake a new round of industrial transfer, which will bring huge development opportunities to the domestic fastener industry.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the global market, in the context of globalization, fastener suppliers must provide products with global consistency. To ensure global consistency in appearance and performance of fasteners by maintaining comparable standards at the local and international levels. In addition to improving business convenience and operation speed, it also enables fastener suppliers to improve product safety while minimizing risk.

Global Purchasing of Parts and Components

With the development of the integration of global economy and trade, it has become a history that enterprises in automobile, household appliances, machinery manufacturing, railway locomotive, aviation manufacturing and other fields only take individual countries as the main body to produce and sell. In the fierce international market competition, it is necessary to reduce production costs, shorten circulation links and speed up the listing time. The supply chain should be transformed into a supply chain, and resources should be shared. Considering price, quality and supply efficiency, suppliers should be selected globally to form a global procurement supporting system.

The globalized division of labor system of related industries downstream of fastener industry has been formed, which has realized the optimum allocation of resources worldwide, the wide popularization of information industry and electronic commerce, and the development of efficient logistics service industry. It has created favorable conditions for information transmission and timely supply between spare parts and manufacturing enterprises, and has made it possible for them to supply goods in a timely manner in the world. Zero inventory production can also be achieved under purchasing conditions. At present, China has some advantages, such as low labor cost and complete supporting industries. The fastener products produced in China have high performance and price, and have certain competitiveness in the international market. The trend of global purchasing of parts and components provides a good opportunity for the development of fastener industry.

Infrastructure Construction at Home and Abroad

Infrastructure investment is crucial for both developed and developing economies. In developing countries, infrastructure construction, such as roads, electricity and water resources, has had a transformative impact on people's lives and the development of enterprises; in more mature economies, infrastructure construction and renewal in order to meet demand is an indispensable part of maintaining economic growth.

In 2016, under the coordination of financial and credit policies and industrial policies, transportation investment will focus on supporting the construction and continuation of major national infrastructure projects with public service functions. This is a big market for fastener industry. At the same time, many countries in the world are also increasing the scale of investment in infrastructure construction. In addition to developing countries such as Africa and the Middle East, some developed countries in Europe and the United States are actively planning to build safe, clean and efficient highspeed railway. It can be predicted that the railway transportation and other infrastructure industries have more opportunities for some fasteners enterprises that have participated in the production of high-speed rail fasteners for many years.

Downstream industries are developing rapidly

Although China's ten major industrial revitalization and adjustment plans provide strong support to ten important industries, such as automobile, steel, textile, equipment manufacturing, ship, electronic information, petrochemical, light industry, non-ferrous metal and logistics, they will also strongly promote the development of downstream industries such as fasteners. At present, China has become the world's largest automotive market, and the automotive industry is a big demand for automotive fasteners. Under the influence of the current financial crisis, many automotive manufacturers are increasingly inclined to purchase domestic products in order to reduce costs. The market competition pattern of automotive fasteners in China will face new adjustments. Demand is expected to grow rapidly. In addition, China regards the development of wind power as one of the important tasks to improve the power supply structure, and is gradually increasing the construction of wind power bases, which will also drive the growth of fasteners required for wind power equipment.

At present, the domestic market in automobile, agricultural machinery, high-speed rail, metallurgy, electricity, construction machinery and infrastructure will continue to maintain a good growth trend, which will bring a broad market space for the fastener industry. The basic components represented by fasteners are not only the basic industries of China's equipment manufacturing industry, but also the important foundations of various fields of national economic construction.