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Challenge and opportunity ----export of fasteners

Issuing time:2019-01-30 00:00

Since the 1980s and 1990s, China's fasteners have made remarkable achievements in both export volume and export growth. As China's main export products, fasteners have made tremendous contributions to the development of China's foreign trade. At the same time, the developed countries in the world have withdrawn from the general standard fastener manufacturing industry to mainly import fasteners, so the future development market of fasteners is becoming more and more regionalized. Fasteners are industrial rice, large to aerospace, small to the daily life of the people, everywhere, all-purpose, in the national economy plays a small screw role. Therefore, fastener manufacturers must measure the whole fastener market from an international point of view, and realize that the competition in the market must tend to internationalization. Therefore, seizing business opportunities and improving the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises will become the primary task of this industry. Therefore, we should clearly see that China's fastener industry is at a critical moment, opportunities and challenges coexist, the fundamental point is how to seize the rare opportunities to revitalize the industry.

In the world,fasteners are laborintensive industries. In recent years, due to the deepening of China's economic policy and the industrial structure of advanced countries, China's mechanical infrastructure industry has experienced more intense competitive pressure, mainly concentrated in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong and other regions, showing strong regional characteristics.

And because of its laborintensive mode of production has the characteristics of industrial structure which is constantly transferring to less developed areas, there have also been initial scale production bases in Hebei and other places, and gradually become the economic growth point of the region.

Since the 1990s, Chinese fastener enterprises have experienced the difficult situation of low production, poor marketing and low efficiency. In recent years, many private enterprises have developed rapidly with the help of opportunities. Foreignfunded enterprises have entered China one after another, and the product structure has also been improved to a certain extent. However, despite the rapid development of fasteners in our country, at present, Chinese products are still mainly middle and lowgrade products. Most of the imported products are highgrade products. The unit price of import is much higher than that of export. This is what Chinese enterprises lack, and it is also a breakthrough for competing for the domestic market and entering the international market. Chinese enterprises should grasp it. Live in this vacancy and develop yourself.

The regional distribution of fastener manufacturing enterprises in China is very uneven. At present, fastener manufacturing enterprises in China mainly distribute in East China and North China. The western region has a small number and a large market potential, which needs further development.

From the distribution of enterprise types, firms in fastener industry coexist with multiple ownership systems, and public opinion and jointstock enterprises account for a large proportion. With the further improvement of China's investment environment and the adjustment of industrial structure and product structure in developed countries, more than 300 foreign firms have invested in China, 150 of them are worldclass firms, and the total investment of foreign firms has accounted for about 25% of the total investment in the whole industry. From the perspective of enterprise scale, small and mediumsized enterprises are still the main enterprises, and enterprise concentration has increased. Some largescale enterprises have developed rapidly. The proportion of output of largescale enterprises in the total output of the whole industry has increased significantly. There are about 50 enterprises in the whole industry which exceed 100 million yuan.

With China's reform and opening up, the domestic market has been internationalized. The fastener industry is facing more and more challenges. Firstly, the pace of industrial restructuring and manufacturing industry transfer in various countries has been accelerating, and foreignfunded enterprises have developed rapidly. This has also led foreign fastener manufacturers to enter China one after another, which will pose a great threat to domestic fastener enterprises. Secondly, the demand for fastener products in the international market is increasing, the export volume of fastener products in China is increasing year by year, and the world trade friction is also increasing. The EU initiated antidumping lawsuits against China's fastener products, which hindered China's largescale export of fastener products. Thirdly, our country advocates pollution reduction, energy saving and consumption reduction. Enterprise development pays more attention to environmental protection, strict control and rectification of exhaust gas, waste water, oil mist and noise, which brings greater pressure to labor-intensive fastener industry.

One of the important reasons for the poor quality of fasteners is the poor quality of raw materials and the backward related technology. The utilization technology of raw materials is not high, waste is serious and development is not strong. At present, the domestic market is in short supply, and the varieties and specifications of fasteners can not meet the market demand. Especially the suspension or valve steel wire which are required to match the car with higher requirements need to be imported from abroad.

Machinery basic parts are generally mass-produced products, but also products with multiple varieties and processing accuracy requirements. Therefore, the production industry and its equipment are demanded with high investment. Most foreign enterprises adopt high-efficiency and high-precision special machines and production lines to achieve high-efficiency automation production. The domestic level of fasteners and equipment is not high, for example, many enterprises in the 1980s imported equipment has not been updated, manual production is a major proportion, lack of independent development capacity.

In recent years, some enterprises began to adopt computer management, while most enterprises also use traditional management mode, which is obvious in the family management mode of private entrepreneurs. Talents are the commonness of many enterprises in China, especially in the spare parts industry. Due to the characteristics of the industry, the attention is not high. Some enterprises lack technical and managerial personnel, and the ability of technological innovation is weak.

China's mechanical parts industry lags far behind foreign countries in technological innovation and new product development, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises, which lack technological strength and talents, funds and necessary equipment, and lack of scientific and technological information and technology exchanges. As a result, China's mechanical parts industry has been in the stage of imitation for a long time, with few intellectual property rights of its own. Research on product development is not much, and there is little independent research ability in enterprises.